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• 12/4/2012

More information about the forums. (Read this second)

This is just a very basic guide for how the new system, and to be perfectly honest I'm not quite sure how it works yet either. Any questions or whatever, just reply to this.

Character Forms

This is probably the most important for all users, so I'll put it first. After a bit of modifications to the Forums, I added a section entirely for Character Forms. If you go to Board:Character Form, there should be the option to Start a Discussion, and where it says "What do you want to talk about?" you can type something like Form:Mary Sue.

  • The only reason I prefixed it with Form is so it stands out in the Forum activity on the side.
  • Also, at the moment, I'm trying to find out from Wikia if we can get a preloaded template, but for now, we'll probably just have to copy and paste this:

And fill it out like you normally would.

Admins, when you claim a character, just use the {{Claimed}} template you would normally leave on their message wall and there's an option to close discussions, so just do that, and voila. Character claimed.

Community Discussions

Again, thanks to some modifications, I made Board:Community Discussions. Unfortunately, only an admin can highlight threads, but if an admin wants to highlight a discussion for another user, and everyone who is logged in will recieve a notification. This one's a little less complicated, and really, all you have to do is just write the thing to discuss and then everyone can discuss in the replies until a decision is reached, and the thread can be closed.


Board:News and Announcements will most likely be similar to community messages, where administrators announce something which is affecting the wiki, such as this new Forum system, and they should be highlighted so the whole wiki has a chance to read them.

Board:Questions and Answers is another default board, which I decided to leave there for users to ask any questions they have about the system or the wiki or if they need help, instead of leaving a message on an admin's wall, even though they can still do that.

Board:General Discussion is pretty self-explanatory. Go nuts, but please don't highlight these threads.

And finally, I had another idea, where we could easily use the forums to roleplay, if for example, we made a new board, and users can pre-arrange to have a roleplay, which whoever joins in will be notified for, rather than in the comments, but this one's still just a thought.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if this made sense.

Obviously, this isn't final, but I just thought I'd put a bit of a system in place so that we have some idea of what we're doing, and if you have any improvements or other suggestions please feel free to reply to the thread.

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• 12/5/2012
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