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Ms. reference
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• 12/9/2012

Regan Choi

Name: Eunjung Regan Choi
Image: Onew
Gender: Male.
Age: 17 (February 6, 1995)
Personality: Class clown, slightly flirtatious, cool, laid-back.
Occupation(s): Cashier at Game Stop
Family: Nara Choi (mother), Seungri Choi (father)
Relationships: No...I haven't found my Princess Charming yet.
Friends: Devin Kong
Enemies: None, yet.
Interests: Everything that's awesome.
Talent: Singing, dancing
Weaknesses: Emotions, makes jokes in uncomfortable situations, can't be serious sometimes.
Education: Here.
Portrayer: Tumblr mgnhioSKpX1rbu035o1 500 and Lee Jin-ki.

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Ms. reference
• 12/9/2012

eunjung is a girls name but i'll approve anyway 

but omg my husband <3333 bb ;_;

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