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• 3/1/2013

How to Create a Club

This is the page where your club can get approved! To get approved, create a forum named "<your club's name> Club/Group/Society". In the forum, explain what you would like it to be. Please try and give some info about your club, it doesn't have to be substantial, just enough to show us that you have put thought into this. (Remember, the more the better!) Admins will go through these requests, please do not make the club's page until an administrator has given you final approval. To create a forum, copy and paste the form below:

Name of Club:
Other Members:
Possible Other Members:
Why this club was created:

Then publish your forum. An admin will check on it, and approve it. You can make the club page once it is approved.

Things to remember:

  • DO NOT make a club unless it is high school appropriate and has more than one member (or possible member).
  • You can list club meeting dates, club activities, fundraisers. The more the better.

Have fun!

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Valeshka 12 peace
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