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• 3/23/2013

Form:Phoenix Evans

Name: Phoenix Evans.

Gender: Quite obvious but just to tell you know he is male :P

Face Claim/Image: Brad-kavanagh

Age: 17.

Height: 5'8.

Personality: Virtuoso, Flirty, Musical, Star Quality, Party Animal and Bubbly.

Occupation(s): Student at Hollywood Arts, Worker at the local Pear Store and Musician. 

Family: Charli Evans (Mother), Cesario Evans (Father)

Relationship(s): None so far.

Friends: TBA.

Enemies: TBA.

Interests: Acting, Lizards, Reptiles, Singing and other stuff...

Talent: Singing, Acting, Dancing, Playing Piano, Guitar, Saxophone and Drums.

Weaknesses: Sports (P.E), Science, Maths

Education: I just said it at the Occupation(s) section at the top. How much more do you want me to say it?

Portrayer: Oh so me.

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• 3/23/2013

This wiki kinda ended, so yeah.

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