Shelby Lan-Caster

|name = Shelby Sabrina Lan-Caster

|image =----------------------->

Shelby Sabrina Lan-Caster

Shelby Sabrina Lan-Caster

|Gender = Female Obviously

|Age =16

|Hair Color = Blond

|Eye Color = Grey

|Birthday = October 9th

|Height = 5’6

|Weight = 115lb

|Address =  California

|Occupation(s) =Student, waitress

|Aliases = Shell, Sabrina, Brina

|Family = Mother, Step-father, Bryony( Twin Sister)

|Friends = Bryony , Cat, Beck, Andre, Tori,, Trina, Robbie .

|Relationships = ( Crush) Not telling who yet .

|Pets(s) = Cat( Furball).

|Enemies =Step-father , Rex Powers.

|Interests =Hanging out with friends, Performing .

|Education = Hollywood Arts

|Talent = Singer/Song-writer

|Weaknesses = People I hate

|First appearance = June 11th 2012

|Last appearance = Death

|Portrayer = Shauna Case }}


 I was born on a rainy October about 2 hours after my sister to my mum and father . Sadly my father died in a bank robbery . However

 my mum married my step-father . I hate him so much but I’ll tell you why later. I was born in Florence, Italy and then after my mum remarried we left for America and came to live in California . My sister and I currently go to Hollywood Arts . I hope to become a professional singer .

1.   Appearance

Hair color- Blonde and long

Eye color- Misty Grey

Trademark- Either my blonde hair or grey eyes.

2.   Family

1.   Family Members-

2.   Mum- I love my mum so much . I am practically a mummy’s girl . Right now she’s a pain only because she’s pregnant with our new brother/ sister and she says it’s due January 19th . So not pumped!

3.   Step-Father- I hate freaking hate him so much and I know hisdirty little secret. He’s a no good drunk and an abusive person . He doesn’t touch a hair on my head and thinks of me as the ugly twin ( but were Identical ) but he secretly abuses and rapes my sister under my mom’s nose . When my sister tries to tell my mom , she doesn’t believe her and in secret he goes back to my sister’s room rapes her and then beats her . Such a messed up guy!

4.   My twin-sister, Bryony- It’s too bad she doesn’t have my life. I love her to death but under our roof she’s suffering . She gets raped by our step-father and is called a liar by our mum . But I believe her .  Some day’ll we’ll make it out of here !


3.   Personality- To everyone around me I’m this loving person who is very outgoing but sometimes I’m just this quiet girl who is very shy . I have two very different personalities .

4.   Relationships With Other Students

1.   Andre Harris- Very awesome . He’s like a brother I never had .

2.   Beck Oliver- Very cool but he’s not that cute .

3.   Cat Valentine- Bgf- Best Girlfriends forever !

4.   Jade West- Were kind of close friends , all I have to do is just not get on her bad side .

5.   Robbie Shapiro- Geeky but he’s  so funny .

6.   Tori Vega- We go together like peanut butter and jelly .

7.   Trina Vega- Exactly how did she get into Hollywood arts ?

5.   Other People

Walter Eddison-( Best friend/ Crush)

6.   Trivia

7.   I have a  twin sister

8.   I have two personalities

9.   I hate my stepfather

10.                     My birthday is in October

11.                     I have a crush on my best friend from childhood .

12.                     I’m a singer/ song-writer

13.                     I love my life.