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• 11/16/2014

Cherry Smith

Name: Cherry Smith

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Me (Cherry Smith) (Sonia Gomez)

Sonia Gomez

Gender: Female Age: 17  Height: 160 cm Personality: Sweet, shy, cute Occupation(s): Singer, Actor, Dancer Family: Mum, Dad, Twin Sister Relationships: Friends? Friends: Cat, Robbie, Tori, Andres, Beck, Jade, Sinjin and Trina  Enemies: No one <3 Interests: Singing, Playing with animals, Drawing, Acting, Dancing Talent: Singing, A little bit of acting, dancing and gymnastics Weaknesses: Sometimes doesn't see when someone is being mean on purpose Education: Hollywood Arts Portrayer: BunnyC

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• 11/22/2014

Hey, there's currently no admins on the wiki and I don't think there have been for almost a year now. If you still want to RP, a bunch of users from here are currently over at the Lumblr Wiki, where you can create characters.

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