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Jessica and Cassie's House.

NOTE: This is a roleplaying location and you may start a new RP in the comments below. Have fun!

Jessica and Cassie live at 511 Mudked Glen 29293, Los Angeles CA. Here are the rules-

1.No standing on the couch with anything but clean bottomed flip flops. Uhh...that's it. Oh wait 1 more! 2.If you love to swim come to my house anytime and bring a swimsuit. We'll dive in mah pool!


Welcome to the Brooks household! Click a tab to see the residents of this house.

Alfred Brooks

Alfred is the father of the house. He loves granola bars and corn.


Jane Brooks

The mother of the house. She is nurse.

Jane Brooks


Julian is the brother of Cassie and Macy, and son of Jane, and the step brother of Zeke and Jessica and step-son of Alfred. Julian


ZekeZeke is the brother of Jess, and son of Alfred, and the stepbrother of Julian, Cassie and Macy and the step-son of Jane.


NaomiScottMacy is the sister of Cassie and Julian, and daughter of Jane, and the step-sister of Jessica and Zeke and the step-daughter of Alfred.


Our Living Room. We live there. It's a room. Need more info?


Mah room gurlzzz. And boyzzzzzz. Ain't it awesome. LOL. I hate talking like that. JessicaBedroom

Cassie's awesome room. What more of a description do you need?CassieRoom

The kitchen. Where we eat. On my way there.


Macy's blue themed room. Lalalalala.


The pool is amazing. There are buttons for Warm, Hot, Cold, Bubbles, and Refresh.