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Tumblr inline mgfs2hdVAv1qd0k7a This user loves everything about Ashily. You better xP.


Tumblr m1rdqfZWeB1qh8uflo1 500 This user loves Brenda! <3


Tumblr lxr7k6eDlb1r3qp9p This user lurves Brenna so much!


Tumblr mdt6awaDVo1qkx42ao1 r1 500 This user loves Chester and thinks that he's the most epic teacher here.


Tumblr lzq1vaggpR1r72ef1 This user loves Emily :)


Tumblr m00qxtZTlB1r9mjfso7 250 This user loves Grace and Brooke Morgan.


HanaWave2 This user loves Hana! ♡♡♡


Tumblr lyh81yOWy91qk2qflo1 500 This user thinks Hannah is perfectly evil.


Tumblr m5webcoabu1rz6yyzo1 500 This user thinks Hunter is awesome.


JakeHeart This user loves Jake's flirty personality.


Tumblr m2s47tV37F1rtpsopo1 500 This user loves Jake!


Selena firecracker This user loves Jasmine :)


Kaleb userbox This user thinks Kaleb is the awesomest 13 year old to ever walk the halls of Hollywood Arts.


Karliuserbox3 This user loves Karli! This user also wishes she would stop being so shy and weird :/


Kaicloseup This user loves how nerdy and aweosme Kai is!


Kinanews This user LOVES Kina and she will beat them up if they don't.


Lacygif This user loves Lacy


Tumblr mgh1dyMA5u1rta469o1 250 This user loves Madison Clarkson. :)


MayL This user loves May!!


5bAzw This user Thinks that May is so cute!


Quinn1 This user knows that Quinn is fabulous.


Rachelle This user loves Rachelle!


Tumblr m1ir9e03WE1qgptsro3 250 This user loves Sunny!


Su-JinThumbsUp This user loves Su!


Taragif1 This user thinks Tara is epiccccc.


Selena gomez kiss and tell 0909 This user loves Terra Amberlina.


MileyLook This user <3's Zoey!


ZoeyandDemon This user lubs the other Little <3


ZoeySing1 This user thinks Zoey's voice is breathtaking. <3


Zoey05 This user wants to call Zoey ZoZo..liek a lot

Left HA :(


Abigail This user thinks Abigail is adorable. Because if this user doesn't, you may never see this user again


Adrianuserbox This user admits to thinking Adrian Brees is awesome.


AlysonAnimations-alyson-michalka-20083986-393-190 This user luves Adrianna!


Alexgif1 This user loves Alex!


Alice This user loves Alice and her raccoon panda eyes. <3


Tumblr m3db11tpc01ro2dgk This user loves Amelia :)


Tumblr m0k5ooxmRd1qfvzyf This user loves Annabeth :)


Anthony userbox This user thinks Anthony rocks! xD


Avablog2 This user loves Ava! :))))


Tumblr lxgor8Q5ny1qjx2vc This user loves Brandon!


Bree97 This user LOVES Bree


Tumblr m38jqoBqgB1rslvwzo1 500 This user loves the super hot Brian,if this user got the chance to be his boyfriend,his user would scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BrielleHeadTurn This user loves Brielle.


BlackWhiteNod This user agrees that Cammie is totally awesomesauce.


Tumblr m7vclnKRNN1ra0nppo1 500 This user loves Carolina!


Colbie This user loves Colbie so much. Like, so much this user might murder Oreo.


250px This user loves Charlotte!


Tumblr m30oyiemRe1qfk87to1 500 This user loves Crystal!


Tumblr m2d8eu0xtd1r8q5rl This user LOVES Dakota!
Tumblr lukfnyFrh81qkq5mv This user loves Denise! :]

{{Emma}} This user loves Emma :)


Elkitty This user loves Eleanor's biotchy,and opinionated personality! <del>well they love her in general...


EleanorSecret This user admits that they're slightly scared of Eleanor...


Eve This user loves Eve!


AnneHathaway ♥ This user

loves Evelyn ♥


HillScott2 ♪This user

loves Genie♪


Malesepic This user thinks Graceyn is awesome. Because if you don't, she'll run you over with her Harley.


HyoUserbox This user thinks Hyo is AMAZINGLY AWESOME


Jade1 This user loves Jade's personality


Tumblr lx1pf4wCqW1qet5s6o1 500 This user loves Jaeda! ;]


Thisuserlovesjames This User loves James T. Ward!


JamieGif6 This user loves Jamie!


Zooey-deschanel-gif8 This person LOVES Jamie!


Tumblr lwofqoSaeJ1qjuvtn This user loves Jessica!


Tumblr lpzzbxrrls1qg8k7v 10893 This user thinks Katherine is one of the most daring gals in HA. You better do.


Caroline-sunshine-gif2 This user lalaloves Katy!


Tumblr lxncyj8fQ51r327x8 This user thinks Kayleigh is wacko and loony, in a good way.


Christina2 This user loves Kayleigh.


Olivia This user loves Kimberly!


Tumblr lscrrdSuPZ1r126g4 This user loves the little,michiefous Koen soo much.This user will buy all the pizza he wants. You'd better do or else you will regret that you didn't do that.....


Kyli 2 This user thinks Kyli is the best Japanese person at Hollywood Arts!♥


Tumblr lx6nvd7bQz1qmgvsdo1 500 This user loves Lily! :]


Tumblr lowv5gOnal1r09jyfo1 400 This user loves Liam :]


LucyLaugh This user loves Lucy.


Maryflirty This user thinks that Mary's personality is so epicsauce it could explode you into a million tiny pieces. I know I do.


Miranda-Cosgrove-Boyfriend-At-The-Movies This user loves Mikayla Eastgrove.


Tumblr m0o8dwGs191qdv8gho3 250 This user loves Mina :)


Hi there This user thinks Mackenzie is too sweet!


C Mackenzie loves you!!


PatriciaFire2 This user loves Patricia because if you don't she'll put you on the highway to hell.


Liam-Payne-3-liam-payne-28618200-500-500 This user loves Percy so much,this user will die for him.


Tumblr llvsu25kZ31qf4wvco1 500 This user loves Piper


Tumblr lxe5gor4lL1qexyvd This user loves Phoebe... very much.


Rileyblog This user loves Riley! x)


Robingif This user thinks Robin and her glasses are kewl. <3


Ryan2 This user loves Ryan!


SkylarUserbox This user loves Skylar


Stefaseeyore This user adores the Eeyore and panda loving Stefanie :3


StephanHat This user loves Stephan!


Thalia This user loves Thalia so much it scares them.


Tumblr m3pt7etmwn1r6e8x4o4 250 This user loves Wyatt! ♥♥♥

Character Ships

Character Ships


Abirine This user loves and adores the friendship between Katherine and Abigail so much that this user would die not really tho


AbtriciaProtect This user knows Patricia will always protect Abigail.


Abtricia This user ships the Abby/Patricia friendship. Because if you don't, they'll ruin your social life forever.


Aceyn This user ships Aceyn because it is awesome. [Admit it, it really is.]


Hugattack This user believes that Alex and Graceyn should be together forever.


Aceyn2 This user thinks that Aceyn is the best ship in this wiki. :)


Alichelle This user loves the Alichelle friendship!


Tumblr lqluzur1xE1qga1xio3 500 This user loves the friendship between Amelia Jenkinson and Colbie Hunter <3


Maleseeian This user ships Anceyn! :)


Tumblr lnf19lnf5x1qegv03o1 500 This user ships Ashilay, but we like calling it Frankenteen
+Girl who interrupts gifs+Girl who hates coke and pepsi


Tumblr lmd18a9cLy1qf9wcko1 500 This user lurves Ashily. I mean- seriously, they are so cute.


Ashlex This user loves Alex and Ashton's bromance!


AshylorPiggyback This user loves the friendship between Taylor and Ashton, very much.


AshylorDance This user loves the Ashylor friendship, like so much.


Tumblr lvv6keIyUm1r69eeao1 500 This user adores the relationship between Amelia and Darien <3


Ryan Denise This user is a hardcore Denyan Shipper!


Denyan I'm an Official Denyan Supporter! It is the best ship on this wiki!


Denyan50%Denyan250% This user is OBSESSED with Denyan, and is ready for them to get married and die together <3


Tumblr lpewntVrRP1qlglz8 This user loves & supports the Emarly friendship!


Emaylor This user loves the Emaylor FRIENDSHIP and thinks it's amazing.


Tumblr m300vfJNnn1qbqkuoo8 r1 250 This user knows Emily will always be there for Taylor.


Tumblr lthe5jAISE1qm4fax This user supports the Emessa friendship!


Grachelle This user loves the Grachelle friendship!


RachelleandGraceyn This user ships the Graceyn/Rachelle/Jake friendship because, how could you not.


0748 This user ships Hanath. Because if you don't we're going to have to kill you.


Tumblr ltss81iYxG1qm8787o6 250 This user loves Hanath. <3


Tumblr m5a9vkAa9y1r97tvdo2 250 This user loves the friendship between Hana & Sunny!


Jadeandbree This user LOVES Jade and Bree's friendship :D


Jakelle This user loves Jake and Rachelle's friendship!


300px This user loves Jake and Phoebe's friendship.


Jasmine mary gif2 This user loves the Jasary friendship. :)


Jaustin3 This user loves Jaustin so much. <3


JakeandTaylor This user ships Jaylor and thinks they are so cute together <3


Jaylor This user loves Jaylor <3


Kathdrew This user ships <s>Delena</s> the Kath/Andrew relationship. :)


2953362627 1 3 This user hearts the Kath/Andrew relationship <3


Kandrew This user thinks Kath and Drew are adorable! <3


Cs ai This user loves the Kanthony relationship!


Karly This user ships the Carly/Kath friendship!


Tumblr lxt1upflSh1ql2ro4o1 500 This user thinks that Kashton looked somewhat like this when Ashton asked Katherine out.


Kathcia This user ships Kathcia because they want to.


Katheyn This user ships the Katheyn tandem!


Fail Manip of mine This user loves how Kath, Patricia, and Abby are the best of friends. ♥


HeartSmile This user thinks Kimberly and Wyatt should date! <s>and thinks Piper should die.</s>


Kinathy This user ships Kinathy cuz they are so cute together! Don't deny it, they are.


Talk-frenimies This user thinks Matt and Mackenzie are perfect for eachother!


Stuff This user loves Mary and Genie's friendship, and adorable puppies. (:


Kathmary This user ships the Mary/Kath friendship!


Maxelle This user loves Maxelle <3


Mitch and Andy This user loves <s>Mini and Liz's</s> Mitchell and Derek's bromance.


PhoeBAM Manip This user ships Phoebam...

...No, you idiot! It's PhoeBAM!


Phoeverly This user ships the Phoeverly friendship! :) <s>Seriously, you should. If you don't, Phoebe will hit you with her buttersock. Yikes!</s>


Phoeverly This user looooves the way Phoebe and Waverly knows exactly what the other is thinking. :)


Piperly This user loves Piperly. <33


Tumblr m08al0Cc5S1r0bvj1o4 250 This user supports the Prisily friendship!


EmayaWalk This user is apart of the Samica army and agrees it is a law to ship it.


Stesse This user loves the friendship between Jesse and Stephan!

Administration Team

Administration Team


Moderatorkitteh This user is a Chat Moderator of the VICTORiOUS Roleplaying Wiki! (This user has sharp eyes and is now watching you...)


Rollback2 This user has Rollback rights in VICTORiOUS Roleplaying wiki! (This user can undo you forever... :])


Network-Administrator This user is an admin of the VICTORiOUS Roleplaying Wiki! (You can run, but you can't hide from this User...)

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