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This is the roleplaying wiki for the show VICTORiOUS. You can even make your own character, as long as it is approved by the founder and admins. Before entering the VICTORiOUS roleplaying universe, please read our policies and the Getting Started Guide.If you need help, please feel free to go to the Administrators' talk pages. To request for user rights, click here for more information. Click here to put the character through claiming if you wish to make an original character.
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NinjaNia is the featured user of the month! Congratulations! Be sure to check out their page and leave a message on their wall.

Featured Original Character of the Month Contest

The winner of this month's Original Character Contest are Celine Portwood, the character owned by VideoVixen123.

Featured Canon Character of the Month Contest
The winner of this month's Canon Character of the month is Erwin Sikowitz.

Featured Pairing of the Month
This month's featured pairing is Maxelle, the pairing of Rachelle Carla Redford and Max Lemming.

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Welcome to the Victorious Roleplaying Wiki!

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 1 March 2013

Enabling Boards

Okay, so as some as you noticed, I’ve enable boards.

We can roleplay on them, and I’ve talked to some people and they felt as I the boards would be ea…

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Ms. reference Ms. reference 28 January 2013

Semi Hiatus

Hii guise. So I'm taking a semi hiatus, yeah. My mom thinks that I spend too much time on the computer, and well i think so too. I've been wanting to…

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 26 January 2013

Featured Stuff for February

We never got to update the last time, so like one for Feb. Yay.

Featured User

Featured Relationship

Featured Friendship

Featured OC

So um yeah.

NOTE: As yo…

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 9 January 2013

Break- Again.


I just wanted to say I'll be taking a wiki break.

It's due to personal reasons.

I might be on a few minutes a day, but I don't know.

It'll probabl…

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NinjaNia NinjaNia 27 December 2012

Extremely Short Notice Admin Announcement

As ALL of you may know, a lovely user named Minithepeanut has left the wiki and a bureaucrat position needs to be filled. Also, a user named Ant 1573…

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